There Are ‘Tents Made Of Desks’ In Steubenville Where Children Are ‘Puking And Peeing Their Pants’ In Fear

shutterstock_119468755Those of you following the Steubenville gang rape case may have caught the Dr. Phil show yesterday that featured Alexandria Goddard, the blogger that brought worldwide attention to the case. Now Alex, we all like you and think you’ve done a great job, but the real star of the Dr. Phil program yesterday was a concerned mother by the name of Jill who was there with her son Jeno to “stand up for the good kids of Steubenville and wants people to pull people at their lowest up.” I have no idea what she means by “pulling people up.” Because the only person who really need to be pulled up by “positivity” in the Steubenville rape case if the victim, but Jill thinks maybe the victim isn’t telling the truth.
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I can fully get behind Jill in saying that there are good kids who reside in Steubenville who had nothing to do with this case, kids who weren’t even at the party, kids who are appalled with the allegations of rape at a party that took place last summer. I can see where a parent of a high school kid who lives in Steubenville might be a bit concerned over all of the media attention this case is getting. But what I can’t understand is if there is really a “tent city” constructed from desks where kids are puking and urinating on themselves why isn’t an adult of some sort stepping in to inform these kids that it’s time to sit back down and maybe have a bathroom break? I can’t be the only person who found these claims amazingly absurd. Jill claims that there have been death threats made against students, but the only threats have been made against Sheriff Abdalla, and the validity of these threats seem bizarre because they stated:

“They said they were going to murder my family and rape my daughters,” he said.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the majority of people really upset about a rape case aren’t going to threaten to rape anyone. I think the end goal is to get justice for the victim and raise rape and rape culture awareness, so raping someone in retaliation sounds a bit suspicious to me.

Although Dr. Phil made some good points in the segment, there was a lot of veiled and blatant victim-blaming and the only person I felt who really understood the situation was Robin Sax, a sex crimes specialist. It’s true that none of us, and by us I mean the general public, fully know what transpired that night, but the only person I feel needs our full support is the Jane Doe was allegedly raped.

But as a mom, I sure do wish Jill or someone would get those kids out from under that desk city and bathe them and tell them that everything is okay.

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