The 7 Stages Of Persuading A Toddler To Try A New Food

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4. Denied


Your request has been denied. You saw that coming, right? Of course you did. On to plans B, C, D, E, F, and — who are we kidding? You’ve got plans all the way up to Z.

5. Peer pressure


Mommy likes mushrooms. So does Daddy. Grandma loves mushrooms too. So does your friend, Katie. Oh, and so does President Obama. Daniel Tiger says you have to try new things because they might taste good, remember? Eat it. Just eat it. Everyone is doing it.

6. Bribery


They don’t have to eat more if they don’t like it, right? Just one bite and then they can have something they like. They can watch a TV show before bed. They can have a cookie. They can be president. Just try the fucking bell pepper.

I should note here that this usually works. But then they try it and…

7. Defeat


They already told you yesterday they don’t like yellow food this week. You were a fool for even trying, but you’ll be back at the next meal because this is just a minor setback. You may have lost the battle, but you will NOT lose the war.

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