15 Signs Your Kid Is An Insanely Picky Eater

When it comes to kids and picky eating, there’s picky eating and then PICKY EATING. Parents who have had near breakdowns in the kitchen or watched their child for signs of starvation know exactly what I’m talking about. Texture, color, and consistency aversions are challenging enough but try intersections of all three, along with flavor aversions. Some pick eaters can make their predilections into near Olympic sports, with you just looking to clear the bar.

1. You spend the large part of your day boiling pasta

2. Your have more crackers in your pantry than a doomsday prepper mom

3. You’ve taken back more dishes than your waitress cousin

4. You routinely find yourself begrudging that pees are green

5. You’re totally cool with your kid eating nuggets and fries because at least they’re eating

6. You make a mental note every time your kid tries something new and doesn’t throw a tantrum

7. You often find yourself eating piles and piles of white rice (because your kid rejected them)

8. You breathe fire at your partner when they fail to purchase the “right” box of graham crackers

9. You mindlessly throw slabs of butter. On anything.

10. When you watch The Devil Wears Prada, you identify with Andrea Sachs

11. You laugh when people ask you what your kid’s favorite foods are

12. You get irked when your mom friends go on and on about how much their kids eat

13. When your kid consumes an entire meal, you feel you’ve earned a parenting medal

14. When your kid actually tells you something tastes good, you’re flattered

15. When someone offers you a recipe that they swear all kids like, you’re all:

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