10 Ways To Amuse Your Highly Disappointed Kids If Halloween Is Cancelled

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costume works I don’t know what it’s like in your spooky neck of the woods, but we’ve got an 80 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for Halloween. There is no way I’m taking my kids door to door when it is pouring and lightning out, and they will be sad little ghosts about this. I’m lucky, because my brood is past toddler age so they can be distracted by scary treats and movies on TV.  For those of you with smaller kids who are looking forward to Halloween, here are some ideas in case the festivities are cancelled due to stormy weather.

Make Some Mummies 


From Toddler Boredom Busters, let your kids wrap each other up as mummies using toilet paper. You could award the kid who makes their mummy the fastest some little treats like plastic spiders or that candy no one is coming to your door to claim.

Make A Spooky Collage 

halloween collage craft

Image: Crafts N Things For Toddlers/pinterest)

Chances are you have some magazines with Halloween themed ideas in them, so bust out the gluesticks and let your toddler go to town creating creepy collages.

Play Hot And Cold 

(Image:  Michael C. Gray/shutterstock)

(Image: Michael C. Gray/shutterstock)

Kids love when you hide something and play Hot and Cold with them, I have no idea why but most kids could play this for hours. Hide a piece of candy and let them try to find it while you say “No, cold, cold, you are so cold you have icicles on your nose and oh no you are freezing.” Or whatever else you say. All I know is your kid will be amused.

Buy Ghost Peeps In Advance



I don’t like peeps, you don’t like peeps, but peeps are great for putting in a cup of hot cocoa to warm up a saddened little kid.

Watch Mad Monster Party 

I love Rankin/ Bass movies, and Mad Monster Party is no exception. Netflix has it here.

Trick or Treat.. Indoors 

(Image: : Pressmaster/shutterstock)

(Image: : Pressmaster/shutterstock)

You sit in one room with a door, have your partner or an older sibling sit in another, and let your kid knock on doors for treats. It won’t be as exciting as Trick Or Treating the real way, but it may amuse them for a bit, especially if you act all shocked each time you see them.

Cuddle Up And Read Spooky Stories 

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.56.34 AM

Bonus points for doing it by candlelight.

Head To the Mall 


We know the Mall Of America has the world’s largest trick or treat festivities, and chances are if you have an indoor mall by you they may offer the same. I’m not a huge fan of leaving the house in yucky weather, but if you or your child are super excited about their costume the mall may be the place to go.

 Make Up A Small Gross Feel Box Game 


Remember the old cold spaghetti as worms trick and grapes as eyeballs? Basic Grey has the adorable tutorial here.

Get Started On Thanksgiving


Since Halloween is on the 31st, all that means is Thanksgiving is fast upon us. Have your kids help you make a cute craft to usher in the next holiday. The Third Boob (which is officially now my favorite blog name) has this adorable tutorial for a Thankful Tree.

(Image: Costume works)