Patients At Atlanta’s Children’s Hospital Received 70,000 Encouraging Messages For Valentine’s Day

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Children's Hospital of Atlanta

In the most non-obnoxious and genuinely sweet Valentine’s Day news you’ll hear this weekend, patients residing in Atlanta’s Children’s Hospital received thousands of uplifting and encouraging messages for Valentine’s Day this week. 70,000 valentines, to be more exact. I don’t know about you, my I think my Grinch heart just grew two sizes today.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently partnered with radio station 104.7 The Fish to reach out to the community to make and send Valentine’s Day cards to the children in their care who have congenital heart disease. Brb, sobbing into a tissue. Hospital spokesperson Caroline Gallentine (omg, her name is basically GALENTINE’S DAY) told The Huffington Post:

“To celebrate February Heart Month, we wanted to do something special for our amazing cardiac kids. Our cardiac patients often have to spend extended periods of time in the hospital, which means they sometimes have to miss holidays. The kids who are in the hospital today had to miss their Valentine’s Day parties at school, so we thought it would be meaningful to bring the valentines to them.”

People all over the city got together to pen inspiring the valentines for the kiddos in the hospital, and the total number totally “blew us away,” says Galentine.

You know what? Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap because it’s a mass market holiday, a “Hallmark holiday”, it’s lame/cheesy/too Pinterest-y, etc. And I’m not knocking people who feel that way – I get it. But sometimes it’s just nice to make people feel extra super loved, you know? Especially when they need it most. I love this story.

(Photo: Children’s Hospital of Atlanta)