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Woman Leaves No Tip To Waiter Claiming Her Drinks Should Be Free Because Of Husband’s Profession

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Members of the armed forces and their spouses do a lot to help our country. In this age of political polarization, military service has become a talking point on both sides of the aisle, whether it’s advocating for increasing benefits for veterans, asking for the government to bring our troops home, or questioning the amount of defense spending that could instead be budgeted towards aid programs at home. Regardless of how you feel about the military, there’s no denying that the men and women who serve put their lives in danger to protect others, oftentimes leaving behind worried spouses and children. While most military spouses do their best to provide for their families, military “dependas” are a controversial and outspoken type of military spouse that believes they’re entitled to special treatment because of their spouse’s service. This military spouse leaves zero tip claiming that her drinks at a restaurant should be free because of her husband’s service — and it’s not pretty.

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