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This Brooklyn Teenage Fight Club Is Just A Bunch Of Punk Kids Throwing Punches

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Fight Club street corner

Don’t those people on the street know that this is a secluded fight club street? Look at the seclusion!

The New York Daily News is reporting on a possible teenage “Fight Club” in Brooklyn, though if you ask me, I think everyone involved is stretching the connection here. First of all, according to them, the fights are set up on Twitter or Facebook, which breaks the cardinal rule of a fight club. You don’t talk about fight club! Obviously.

According to the Daily News, the fights take place outside of the Atlantic Center Mall, which is, for all you non-New Yorkers, a pretty public place. The newspaper calls the corner where the fights take place – Hanson Place and South Elliot Place- a “somewhat secluded street corner,” then proceed to use a photo that TOTALLY disproves this statement (see above). I’ve personally been to this corner, and it’s far from secluded.

DNA Info also reported on this alleged fight club, but I’m still not convinced. According to their report:

“Seto (a witness), who has lived near the corner the past 16 years, said she has become increasingly concerned that the fights and the number of teenagers swarming the streets from 3 to 5 p.m. have escalated in recent months.

“It’s like watching ‘Fight Club’ the movie with two kids getting ready to fight and a circle around them,” she said, referring to the 1999 Brad Pitt film.”

Yeah, or it’s like watching a group of teenagers, anywhere, fight over stupid teenage bullshit. I mean, if they don’t circle around, how will they see the carnage? Seriously though, in the film, unlike these teen fights, the fight club attendees are there strictly to fight for the adrenaline, not for any personal beefs. According to DNA Info:

“I hear arguing and then they turn down the corner,” she said. “Last Sunday I was curious and I peeked and saw two older kids beating the pulp out of a younger kid.”

None of this reminds me of the Brad Pitt violence-fest. What it does remind me of is how the “toughs” in my Queens neighborhood would use this little old thing called the telephone to talk smack, throw shade and set up times and places to meet and brawl it out. I won’t say whether or not I participated in these events (okay, I totally did), but they were less “Fight Club,” and more “Dumb Kid Fisticuffs.” I officially call bullshit.

(Photo: Google Maps)