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Couple Sues NYC Claiming Police Raided Their Home And Exposed Their Sex Toys

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police raidAccording to a couple from Queens, NY, police ransacked their home during a 2012 raid, stealing cash and deliberately putting the wife’s SEX TOY in their son’s bedroom. I think this is literally the most WTF story I’ve read this week.

From what The Daily News is reporting, police from the 113th precinct raided the couple’s St. Albans home after the father, James Goldring, accidentally discharged a gun and wounded his 5-year-old son. Thankfully the son lived, but the incident led to the raid and when all was said and done, Goldring and his wife Gina claim that on top of the sex toy situation, almost $700 in cash was missing, a computer, a muffin maker, the son’s bed and a television were all busted, and two doors were ripped off the hinges. Not only that, but meat and fish from their fridge were dumped on the carpet, cereal was strewn across the floor and garbage was dumped everywhere. Were they raided or did a freaking Grizzly bear barrel through their home?

Not that anyone should have to explain why a married couple would have sex toys, but according to the lawsuit that the family filed late this week with the Brooklyn Federal Court, the toys were merchandise from Gina’s part-time job hosting MLM “Passion Parties.” The toys were removed from the spot Gina had them hidden and placed IN the son’s room. You can’t tell me that wasn’t deliberate. I’m sure fully grown, adult cops know the difference between a cap gun and a dildo.

Seriously, I think I’ve heard everything now.

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