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Mind Over Mommy: Self-Care Strategies For Moms

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Lastly, ignore the haters.

Haters gonna’ hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. When I talked to Dr. Jessica Michaelson for my last Mind Over Mommy, one of the things I asked her was how to handle people in your life who are not necessarily supportive of either your efforts to seek help for mental illness or just of positive changes you’re making in your life. Her advice? Do it anyway. Ignore naysayers and, like we talked about above, find people who do support you and relate to you. You can deal with other people’s concerns and objections once you’re feeling on your A-game.

Above all else, remember that you matter and putting yourself last over and over again isn’t good for you or the people who depend on you. Nourishing yourself and taking time to recharge is not just taking care of yourself; it’s taking care of everyone around you by ensuring that you’re bringing the very best version of yourself to the table.

That’s important, and so are you.

Mind Over Mommy is a biweekly column devoted to mental health and self-care for moms. As someone who formerly failed to make myself and my well-being a priority, I hope to create a safe space for women to share stories, learn, and encourage one another.

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