The New Princess Just Got A Name And Also, A Bunch Of Concern Trolls”

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their Daughter

As you’ve all very likely heard by now, the royal baby made her debut over the weekend. That’s right, HER. It’s a girl and now, there’s a new princess in town. We also just found out the royal baby name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! I am so touched and overcome with emotion at the way they honored both the Queen and William’s mother. Awesome, right? What negativity could possibly be spewed on the internet about the safe and healthful delivery of the daughter of one of the world’s most beloved couples? Aww, your faith in humanity is adorable! This is the internet, where negativity is never in short supply.

Apparently, there are concern trolls with official medical titles clutching pearls over Kate Middleton’s swift departure from the hospital. They are worried it will start a troublesome trend of moms wanting to leave too early and cause harm to them and their babies. This is so ridiculous. I think most Normals understand that Duchess Kate returns to the palace, likely with her very own medical staff on hand to check her vaginal bleeding in peace without the media camped outside her hospital window. Here’s what they had to say, from The International Business Times:

While spokesman Dr. Gino Pecoraro has no doubt that Kate Middleton would continue to get the best care at the palace following her delivery, he also cautioned mothers about the practice of taking newborns home too early after birth. Australia’s quoted him on his statements concerning Kate Middleton and Prince William’s early departure from St. Mary’s hospital with the baby princess. ”There are some studies showing that early hospital discharge is one of the factors in breastfeeding not continuing long-term, and it has been linked to an increased risk of post-natal depression,” Dr. Pecoraro said.

I understand what he’s saying, but honestly, does he give new mothers no credit? Sure, some might be dumb enough to think they’re in the same boat as Duchess Kate and should be allowed to go all trendy and skip out of the hospital super early but I think most women grasp the fact that the circumstances are very, very different. All of that aside, there is a such thing as women leaving the hospital very early when the birth was uncomplicated, as it’s been reported that Duchess Kate’s was. There is also such a thing as home birth, where mid-wives tend to mother and baby and neither see the inside of a hospital at all. I have no question that mid-wive, and probably, actual doctors will be at the beck and call of both mother and baby princess until no longer necessary.

Of all things for the world to get it’s panties in a twist over, this ranks as highly ridiculous. There are women around the world with such poor pre-natal care that to worry about something like this seems silly. I’m pretty sure the palace has it all under control.

That said, let’s squee over this name for a few minutes! We knew Charlotte was a front-runner and using Elizabeth as a middle name is no surprise, as a nod to the queen. Using Diana as one of the middle names is really the best part as far as I’m concerned. There was bad blood between Diana and the royals so I think it’s lovely that the Queen obviously approves (I’ve heard through various channels that she needs to approve the names). What a wonderful tribute to Diana, especially knowing how much she would have treasured her grandchildren had she lived to see them born. Congratulations, Prince William and Duchess Kate! The world, despite the concern trolls, is so happy for you!

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