Delta Flight Attendant Allegedly Forced Muslim Mom To Move To Appease Racist Passenger

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.25.09 PMA Muslim woman on a Delta flight from Florida back to her home in Detroit alleges that she was harassed by another passenger and then told by a flight attendant to move. How does a passenger hurling racist insults get to stay on board, and even more troubling, how does a flight attendant tell the woman who is being harassed to move? This is a big, awful fail, Delta.

32-year-old Darlene Hider was on a Delta Airlines flight with her husband and four children when a fellow female passenger on the flight allegedly started yelling, “This is America!” presumably because of the hijab Hider wears. This is America? What does that even mean? It’s almost impossible to believe that in this day and age there are still droves of people who think America should be populated with white Christians, only. I wish we could make a white, Christian utopia and ship all of these idiots there.

Instead of asking irate racist woman to stop, the flight attendant decided to move Hider and her kids. From Detroit Free Press: “According to Hider, the flight attendant said: ‘You are at my wit’s end. You better be quiet before I kick you off of this plane!’ Hider said the attendant told her: ‘Get your kids and change seats.'” In a video that a passenger took of the incident, you can also hear the attendant saying “I’m fixing the problem,” as she’s moving Hider and her children.

Come again?

Hider’s brother happens to be the legal and policy director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and described what happened to his sister in a series of tweets on Monday night:











Terrible, yet good to know that people on the flight were standing up for her. It just illustrates how important it is to be vocal and supportive when you witness this type of injustice. People should always know they have support, especially when they are faced with a situation like this one. The family is no longer isolated victims of racism on a plane — they are supported by thousands of people who now know their story.

(photo: Twitter)

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