10 Dangerous Places Your Toddler Loves To Hang Out

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We all know toddlers are the original action heroes. They have positively no qualms about putting themselves in danger and giggling maniacally instead of being afraid. Their only fears are vegetables and wearing pants- everything else is fair game. That is why you will probably discover as a parent that there are many dangerous places your toddler loves to hang out. Trying to keep them alive is a full-time job, no doubt. They are always evolving and finding new ways to put themselves in harm’s way. Here are some of the biggest hazards for the typical fearless toddler:

1. Behind The Fridge



We had an older fridge when our kids were little and they were drawn to those hot coils like moths to a damn flame.

2. At The Top Of The Stairs



Those little daredevils just love sitting at the top of the stairs and scaring the shit out of their parents. That slate landing at the bottom? No big deal, right?

3. In Front Of A Door



Of course, so that when someone pushes it open, they can get a nice door smack in the face.

4. Around The Toilet



Nothing is more alluring to a toddler than water. And poop. And a flusher. It’s a perfect storm of toddler attraction, basically.

5. Near That Drawer Under The Stove



Finger pinching potential. Hot oven for burns. Cool pots and pans to pull out. What’s not to love, says your 2-year old?

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