Hospital Employee Who Revealed Blake Lively’s Baby’s Name And Sex On Twitter Might Want To Start Looking For A New Job

Blake-Lively-Ryan-Reynolds-The-Sound-of-Change-Live-June-1-2013-London-England-UKI love me some celebrity baby news. Like, I stay awake at night wondering when Kim Kardashian‘s baby North West is getting an adorable little sibling. But as much as I wait with bated breath for celebrity baby news, that news belongs to the celebrities to give out, and hospital employees who start handing out patient information should look for different jobs.

Ryan Reynolds and human Pantene commercial Blake Lively had a new baby last month, and JustJared reports that a Twitter user who is reportedly an employee at the Westchester Medical Center just revealed the baby’s name and sex on Twitter:


Blake Lively’s daughter is surely gorgeous, and Violet is a wonderful name for any baby, and especially a celebrity baby. (I would have bet $10,000 the baby’s name would be Preserve Vanilla Bean LeightonSux Reynolds.) But hospital employees are not supposed to be spreading patients’ private information around in public, even if the patients are celebrities. If this Twitter user is for real, he or she should probably be looking for a new job.

Not long after that post went up and Lively’s suspected baby name was all over the Internet, the post was deleted. At this point, the purported hospital employee’s Twitter says merely:


Lively and Reynolds have yet to confirm their daughter’s name themselves, but I hope the baby’s name really is Violet, because it makes me think Lively named her daughter after the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey. Until an official word comes in from the couple, though, my money is still on little Preserve.

Photos: Getty, Twitter

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