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Breastfeeding Mom Smokes Weed, Snaps a Photo and Shares It on Facebook

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When it comes to pot and parenting, there are a lot of…strong opinions. Folks who are against legalization and don’t see the merits of cannabis tend to be outright opposed to parents using the substance. Those who see its medicinal properties (and who may also simply enjoy it recreationally) are often OK with the idea that a mom can medicate and also be a good mom. There’s also folks in the middle. Either way, they all have strong opinions about this next story: A breastfeeding mom smokes weed, then posts a pic of it on Facebook. And as you might imagine, it’s become quite the social media shitstorm.

The woman in question is named Kayla, a mom from Portland, Oregon who happens to be on a Facebook group called CannaParenting Support. Kayla posted the photo stating she needed a “safe place to share this beautiful picture,” and that she was, “feeling blessed.”

Here’s the pic:

breastfeeding mom smokes weed

Image: Facebook / Kayla Marrow CannaParentingSupport; pages appear to now be deactivated

Yeah. No. As a big proponent of cannabis legalization, I am still not for this image (or any similar images) where a child is being exposed directly to smoke. Especially a child that young. Want to talk about bodily autonomy? Babies should be breathing in oxygen, air as clean as possible. Yes, we can’t avoid everything. Sometimes we have to walk near car exhaust fumes. Sometimes there’s someone smoking a cigarette at the park and we do our best to walk the other way. But there’s no real reason or need to smoke a bong over your child’s head while breastfeeding.

I totally recognize that it’s a privilege to be able to enjoy edibles or use an expensive vape as an alternative to smoking. But at the end of the day, even for moms who are experiencing severe postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, physical birth trauma, and PTSD (all of which I had myself after birthing my son), there’s no reason why you couldn’t just walk away for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, smoke a bowl (maybe, I don’t know, outside, or in a bathroom, or at least now while holding your child), and then return to breastfeeding if that’s how you want to play it. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Breastfeeding Mom Smokes Weed and the Internet Has Opinions

Sadly, there are some folks who believe that not advocating for a mom (or mom’s friend) holding a bong over an infant’s head while breastfeeding means you are anti-cannabis on all fronts. It’s pretty sad, really.

According to The Sun, some folks in the group were advocating or supportive of the image:

“Love it! Teamwork at its best!” said Sarah Tigerrsarah Fellion.

“Haha I do this all the time,” said Nicole Lanaee Moser

But many were not are thrilled by the image, including pro-pot and parenting advocate Jenn Lauder of The Splimm (a pot and parenting site and newsletter) had this to say in a post on the popular cannabis website:

“We know parenting is HARD, and most of us are doing the best we possibly can for those little people of ours at every moment…But when there’s a chance that a child is being endangered, we must draw a line,” said Lauder, adding, “Smoking while holding a baby…alarms me. We know that an infant’s lungs should not be exposed to smoke of any kind. And common sense should dictate that combustion so close to a baby’s head could also lead to trouble. There are safer ways to consume, and certainly more appropriate times and circumstances.”

Yeah, I’m basically with her.