Toddler Locks Mom In Cupboard, Because The Babies Are Winning

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shutterstock_6826246I’m increasingly convinced that toddlers are trolling us. They’re so little and cute and wonderful, and then you turn your back on them for one second and they turn into devious little masterminds. One such evil genius caught an innocent, unsuspecting young mother by surprise this week and locked her in a cupboard, where she had to sit until rescued and think about how she was going to explain to her family that she got locked in a cupboard by a kid who is not even potty-trained yet.

According to the BBC, the mother went into an under-the-stairs cupboard–which I am imagining to be just like the space where Harry Potter lived–and suddenly she heard the door shut and lock behind her. The perpetrator was her one-year-old baby, who toddled over on little toddler legs and trapped her under the stairs.

Being trapped in a cupboard knowing one’s one-year-old baby has free rein of the house would be absolutely terrifying while it was happening, but because we know everyone was OK in the end, it’s pretty darn funny that this woman got trapped by a baby. I can just see little baby legs toddling towards her as the Jaws theme plays.


The woman reportedly shouted for help until a postman heard and called emergency services. The fire department came and let her out of the cupboard, and the whole ordeal apparently lasted only 15 minutes. And you just know that as soon as she got out, the baby was looking at her all cute and innocent like, “Who, me?”

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