Ready for a Second Child? These 7 Questions Might Help You Decide

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You may think that after having your first baby, you’re ready for anything and everything. But the truth is that  having a second child can be just as life-changing. Right when you start to feel like you’ve got the hang of this parenting thing, another little human comes into your life and turns it all upside down again.

Although there are plenty of reasons to have more kids after that first one, you have to be sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Life will change even more when you have not one but two tiny people to care for.

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Here are a few questions you and your partner should ask yourselves before making that leap:

1. Is our first child emotionally equipped to handle a younger sibling?

You don’t have to let your older child dictate when the next one arrives, but you should definitely factor them into your considerations. Even before the nine-month clock starts ticking, begin preparing them for the adjustments that may come with a sibling, even if that just means spending extra time together so they never feel second best.

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