Mother Of 200-Pound Tween Gets The OK From Big Brother To Move Her Home

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child obesityAn unidentified mother got some good news following quite the family ordeal. After her “grossly overweight” 9-year-old son, weighing in at a concerning 219 lbs, was removed from her home, social workers swooped in and took temporary custody. Linger on your outrage there for a moment, but find some relief in that even CPS does take your child because of weight issues, they can’t prohibit you from taking he or she to another state. At least, not in this instance.

The mother and her kid lived in Ohio as concern escalated for the boy’s health and well-being. Following a stint with a foster family and an uncle for a bit, the boy lost 50 lbs, weighing 166 lbs. Two weeks after returning home, he had gained a little weight back, then weighing 173 lbs. That’s when mom agreed to work with social workers to keep her son’s weight under control with a 90-day voluntary monitoring period.

But after the lawyer appointed to “represent the boy’s interest,” lost touch with the family, he became rightly worried. He reportedly called a hearing before learning that the mother had up and moved the family to Georgia. Re-opening the case means that the family will have to move back to Ohio, which the boy’s appointed attorney says is necessary.

“I just want someone to monitor his health,” Lawson told reporters after the hearing Thursday. “It is my job to worry about what is best for him and it is my obligation to report it to the court.”

James Hardiman, mama’s lawyer, countered with the point that “this is an issue of liberty,” an argument strong enough that won his client the OK to move with the court’s permission. The liberty to keep poisoning your child however, remains to be fraught with other implications.

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