The Hair Color Baby Gender Reveal Is New Trend We Can Get Behind

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“Gender reveal” stunts tend to induce eye rolls. Gender reveal parties for chickens are fantastic. But do we really need to see another exploding baseball or box full of balloons to tell us what sex a baby will be? Well now one stylist has created the hair color gender reveal, and it’s actually totally cool.

According to Yahoo News, Memphis stylist Janeese Murphy off Posh Glam Jam created the hair color gender reveal for a friend from high school who was expecting a baby.

“She’s a friend from high school who I recently reconnected with since moving back to Memphis,” Murphy told Yahoo Beauty. “I’ve been wanting to get my hands in her hair. She wears lots of fashion colors — fun, nontraditional hair colors — and I just wanted to have some fun.

If you like surprises and colorful hair, this is a fun way to pick a new shade

Murphy’s friend, Dantrielle, brought Murphy a sealed envelope from her doctor’s office right after an ultrasound determined the fetus’ sex.

Murphy mixed up the dye in the back and applied it to the ends of Dantrielle’s hair while her client wore a blindfold. She colored the hair and gave her a blow-out, then hid all her hard work under a towel.

Finally, Murphy turned Dantrielle to face the mirror and removed the towel, and all that pretty pink hair fell down around her shoulders. She was ecstatic.

This is so great. She’s so excited, and it’s such a fun way to find out.

Also, her hair looks totally gorgeous.

Murphy says all the products she used were completely safe for use on a pregnant woman. The bottom part of Dantrielle’s hair was already bleached blond, so Murphy didn’t have to use any bleach at all. She just applied the ammonia-free color to the ends of the hair, and nothing ever went near her client’s scalp.

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(Image: iStockPhoto / Mccallk69)