Principal Quotes Bible In School Announcements, Forgetting It’s Illegal

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man-praying-over-bibleMorning announcements at school usually consist of The Pledge Of Allegiance, football scores, and what’s for lunch that day, but for one small Texas town they also include a morning Bible reading. According to Patheos, Dan Noll, principal of White Oak High School in Texas, allegedly recites a Bible verse to his students every single day as a part of his usual morning announcements.

The Bible quoting went public after a student — who asked to remain anonymous — provided recordings of the announcements to Patheos writer Hemant Mehta. The student provided three separate recordings all taken over the course of one month. Here’s one of them for your listening pleasure:

… from Proverbs 28:10: He who leads upright along an evil path will fall into his own trap, but the blameless will receive a good inheritance.

I know what you’re thinking,: isn’t it illegal to read Bible verses to students in a public school? The answer is yes! Yes, it is. As noted by Mehta, the Supreme Court declared school-sponsored Bible readings to be unconstitutional in 1963. Apparently this principal either didn’t get the memo, or he’s like:



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