Scarlet Johansson Pregnant, Expecting Extremely Attractive Offspring

Ceremony - Cesar Film Awards 2014I’m so happy the worldwide shortage of beautiful people situation is being addressed, by Scarlett Johansson, who is expecting her first child with her fiance Romain Dauriac. You may be familiar with Romain for being a famous French journalist and for also having sort of strange looking neckwear choices. I’m joking, not about his neckwear choices, those are extremely unfortunate, but about his fame, because to be honest I have no idea who he is really.Ceremony - Cesar Film Awards 2014

But hurray for Scarlett Johanasson pregnant news, because now we can all look forward to BABY BUMP WATCHES and the media speculating about how much weight she has gained and whether or not she will get hitched before the blessed event. Plus, we also get the added bonus about hearing all about her post-baby body and how fast she has lost the baby weight. Oh Goody.

The couple just announced their relationship last September, and no wedding date has been set, so I’m sure at any given moment someone will be clucking their tongue about her marital status. Scarlett is reported to be about five months along in her pregnancy.

All I know is this is going to be one gorgeous, husky voiced baby.

(Images: getty images)

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