Adele Gave Birth To A Baby Boy In Secret James Bond Style!

Adele gave birth to a baby boy Friday night and in order to make all of us who care really sad, her and her partner Simon Konecki have released no statement. According to the Daily Mail: 

 Her spokesman said of Friday night’s reported birth: ‘We are not releasing a statement at this time. No comment.’

I neeeeed to know the details Adele! Adele is one of the only celebrities I actually care about and I was so excited when she announced she was pregnant. Now all of us can do is sit around and offer speculation about how freaken’ cute her new baby is. Why? Because his mom is Adele! All we know at this point is that the new baby has a lot of money, and when Adele sings him to sleep he is really lucky. My other speculations include that Adele is probably kissing her new son a lot, and she may have had to have her amazingly cool Louboutin nails done by Mike Pocock removed because changing nappies with long nails is a drag, ya’ll. Adele recently released the new theme for the James Bond film Skyfall which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with a 77-piece orchestra.

I respect the new parent’s desire for privacy and I love the new trend of celebrities giving birth in secret, but as an Adele fan I can’t help but be curious about her new bundle of joy and want more details about how Adele gave birth and be super excited for this news. I’ll keep checking for updates and awaiting news, but in the meantime ya’ll can view my all-time favorite Adele tribute by a two-year-old girl named Makena here:

[youtube_iframe id=”LSNxrEa3Usw”]

(photo: PCN)

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