Kim Kardashian West Channels Jackie O in New Photoshoot and People Have Concerns

Kim Kardashian West wears a lot of hats: wife, mother, entrepreneur, entertainer, social media maven…First Lady? While people love to hate on Kim for pretty much everything she does, it was the metaphorical pillbox hat that she donned in a recent photo shoot that has people up in arms this time. For a feature with Interview Magazine that comes out in September, Kim Kardashian West was styled to resemble the late, great Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Being compared to one of the most iconic First Ladies of our time was apparently the last straw.

Kim shared the images on Twitter, and we have to say, they are stunning.

For the shoot, Kim and her daughter North wore 60’s era dresses and accessories. She even wore pearls like the ones Jackie O was known for. And while the pictures are lovely, it might have been the magazine’s introduction that crossed a line for a lot of people.

“Kim Kardashian West channels another mother whose every move captivated the American imagination: Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy.”

Um. Ok. There’s a lot to unpack here. Technically, YES. Kim and Jackie both captivated the American imagination. But one did it as First Lady, and one does it with an app about her life. Tomato, tomahto?

Twitter was quick to pounce, as Twitter is wont to do when it comes to Kim.

In all fairness, it probably wasn’t her teams idea. But point taken.

That’s not to say that everyone was a hater! Kim has fans, and her fans will stan for life.

Some people even wondered if this was a nod to Kanye’s future in politics.

I do not think America is ready for First Lady Kim Kardashian West.

Love her or hate her, Kim gets tongues wagging better than anyone in the game right now. And we’re guessing the timing of this photo release isn’t coincidental, either. The Taylor Swift/Kanye feud is all over the news again, thanks to T-Swift’s new song. And if Kim Kardashian West is anything, it is shrewd AF. When you can’t win for trying, you might as well play the game and play it well, right? Well-played, Kim. Well-played, indeed.

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(Image: Twitter/@KimKardashian)

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