30 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow As A Duchess

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Those cute hats all the royal women wear are for more than just show.

Image: Instagram/@princewilliam_2019

Have you ever looked at pictures of the royal family congregating at an event and think to yourself, “What the hell is it with all the goddamn hats?” Not that they aren’t cute (most of the time). We would absolutely rock a feathered fascinator to the appropriate event if given the chance. But these royal women love their hats! So Meghan better get used to wearing one, because they are actually required attire at formal events. The Queen will typically wear a wide-brimmed hat, but the younger royals will wear those jaunty fascinators that we’re fascinated with (see what we did there?). Of course, after 6 p.m. and once an event moves indoors, the hats come off and the tiaras go on.

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