8 Reasons Why Your Kid Is Late For School

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5. They Woke Up Too Early

cat sleep


My son has a nasty 5 am wake-up habit. Sometimes, this results in an exhausted meltdown by 8:30 when the bus is about to arrive. SIGH.

6. They Forgot About Homework

too much work


My daughter is generally good about her homework but at times, we have a math worksheet that goes unnoticed and must be completed at dawn. This also happens with forgetting the night before that it’s library day and then, we’re on a hunt for a book.

7. They Fell In A Puddle

kid in puddle


Just this past month, my daughter tumbled into a mud puddle on the walk to the bus stop and we had to change her pants and socks. We ended up making it to the bus on time, again, propelled by my desire to pawn off my children on the public school system for as long as I’m able.

8. They Barfed



Sometimes, kids barf for reasons that have nothing to do with being sick. They choke on something or smell something gross and before you know it, puke time. That being said, puking and fevers are the top reasons to keep kids home from school so when this happens with my kids, it’s a waiting game to see if it’s harmless barf or sick barf. Good times, everyone should be a parent.

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