8 Reasons You Totally Need A Mess Of ‘Mom Friends’

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5. After School Activities And The School Pick-Up Forms

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You wanna work out a driving arrangement for a field trip or after school lacrosse practice with one of your childless friends? You go do that and lemme know how it works out. lolcrying4ever.

6. Moms Look Out For One Another 


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If you are yammering to a mom about some impossible to find toy when she is at Target and she happens to see it, she will grab you one and say “Pay me whenever.” Same goes for when she is out shopping and she finds some adorable T-shirt in your kid’s size on sale for three bucks. Same goes for offering to hide Christmas presents, or co-hosting a birthday party, or bringing you Starbucks when she drops her kid off for a playdate at your house. Moms just do junk like this for other moms.

7. Hand Me Downs 


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If you are lucky enough to have a mom pal who has kids a bit older than you, you have probably received hand-me downs. Some of my very favorite outfits ever have been previously owned by another kid. Same thing with toys, moms are always too happy to unload nice things to you that their kids have outgrown. I give away my kid’s things too, and as long as the items are clean and in good condition , everyone wins.

 8. Other Moms Just “Get It” 

Sometimes I need to talk about my teenager’s dating. Sometimes I need to talk about Sons Of Anarchy, or The Dead Weather, or what paparazzo Kanye is yelling at today. The moms I know have a myriad of interests other than what came out of our vaginas, but it sure does help having someone know what changing diapers and going through teething is like.

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