Laura Prepon Is Leaving ‘Orange Is The New Black’ And I Won’t Miss Her

Laura Prepon Is Leaving Orange Is The New BlackOrange Is The New Black is all of our collective favorite TV show. This is our story people! Many of us have finished binge-watching the Netflix original series, and if you haven’t, I’m sort of freakishly jealous of you because I want to go back and watch it all again because I loved it that much. I’m totally hoping some of you new mamas who are busy adjusting to life with a newborn are doing just that. But now we have the kinda sad news that Laura Prepon will only stick around long enough to wrap up her storyline on season two.

I like Laura’s character, Alex, and I enjoyed her and Piper’s story but to be honest, I’m more concerned about what will happen with a lot of other characters on the show. From Buzzfeed:

Prepon will come back for a limited number of episodes in the show’s 13-episode second season in order to resolve her story. And the door will be left often for her to return in the future. But the actress did not sign a contract tying her to the show for the upcoming season.

Fans will likely be disappointed not to see a years-long arc play out between Alex and Piper (Taylor Schilling); their troubled past relationship resulted in Piper’s imprisonment, the main plot of the show. And their (sexual) dynamic, given the fraught circumstances, has been one of the first season’s most thrilling threads.

Laura I will miss you but as long as  Kate Mulgrew as Red and Uzo Aduba as Crazy Eyes and Danielle Brooks as Taystee come back I will be okayyyyyyyy! I don’t have super high hopes for Taryn Manning as that amazingly vicious crazyass Pennsatucky lasting long and I will miss her toooooo, because she is the best worst.


I would rather they keep Laura on and get rid of Larry. Who needs Larry? I do not.

(Image: Netflix)

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