Jours Aprés Lunes Sexualizes Girls Ages Four And Up With Lingerie Line

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Jours Aprés Lunes, a French clothing brand, has created a collection of “loungerie” for young girls — very young girls. The company’s collection marked under “fille” depicts bras or “brasseries” and “triangles” for girls as young as four years old.

The majority of the collection is very tame as anyone who has a little girl, or has been one, can attest that most panties are just like these: pink, frilly, and with lots of bows. The collection also features tank tops and shorts with bows, ideal for the hyper feminine little girl who likes to slumber in style.

The lingerie aspect of the collection is introduced with little pink bras or bralettes rather with matching panties. Another set offers a black and white triangle bra, also with accompanying panties in the same design. The term “loungerie” seeks to distance these products from being sexual, while at the time placing lingerie on children. Lingerie, it can be argued is to be worn intimately regardless of whether one is an adult or a child — and little girls running around in mini shorts and lace underwear in their home is hardly a subject worth debating considering that the home is private. Most children don’t wear much of anything when running around in their homes — and that’s why these lingerie sets for girls are so problematic: they imply that young girls are being looked at.

These matching bras and panties for young girls, explicitly named “brasserie,” sexualizes these kids by making them the canvas for an adult sexuality. Upon them is the projection of an adult sensibility of “sexy,” as there is nothing that warrants many five- and six-year-olds to wear bras — especially bralettes without cups or coverage.

These bras and panties imply an adult gaze, which is further evidenced in the styling choices for the models. The girls are not only wearing makeup, which is standard in all modeling, but they are wearing makeup to look like they’re wearing makeup if you follow. The hairstyling and accessories also imply an artificial sexuality to these photos, as although the girls are depicted as playing, they are in turn being asked to perform a type of grownup sexuality that they do not yet possess.