Desperate Parents Are Paying $300 for a Doll That Puts Babies to Sleep

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(Via IndieGoGo)

PT Barnum reportedly said that there was a sucker born every minute, and when it comes to things that say they will put a baby to sleep, I am that sucker. I bought the book that says it will scientifically hypnotize a baby to sleep–it does not work, by the way, but it is awful and the toddler wants to hear it every day anyways–I’ve bought special mattress toppers and comfy sheets. I have swaddled. I have spooned. I have stroked the baby’s face with tissue paper.  I have so many white noise makers I’m pretty sure I could start a death metal band in my living room and the neighbors wouldn’t hear it. Nothing really works, but hope springs eternal. If you tell me something will make a baby or toddler sleep, I will buy it, and I am not alone, because a weird little cloth doll is now selling for upwards of $300 on eBay because parents are desperate and sleep-deprived people don’t make good financial decisions.

According to Yahoo the Lulla Doll is a soft little baby doll that says it helps small children sleep. It was designed by some crunchy moms via crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, and people are loving it. It is designed to stimulate four of the five senses and help lull a kid to sleep. For starters, the doll plays a recording of a mother’s breathing and heartbeat. (It works for making puppies sleep, right?) It’s soft and has a comforting human face. And it is designed to absorb human smells, so you just wear it around in your clothes for a while, then put it in the bed with your baby as a sort of “dummy mom.”

It’s pretty cute and can go in the wash. It’s also $70, which is a lot of money, but not so much that I wouldn’t at least think about it. I mean, if it worked it would be worth it. (People like me are how other people made millions selling X-Ray Specs on the backs of comic books in the 60s.)

Parents will basically pay anything for the promise of a few hours of sleep. The doll was such a hit that it sold out immediately, and it’s now trading on eBay for $300. The dolls are available for pre-order again and are expected to ship in October. One more crummy night and I’ll probably try it. If I get one and it works, you can be sure I will be right back here to talk about it.