The Top 5 Cutest Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Mommy-Daughter Outings

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have had quite a lot of time to themselves ever since that divorce came through. Now that sole custody and visitation has all been settled, Katie Holmes is getting knee deep in her daughter’s first school year. And with a marriage behind her, a move to a new apartment, a fashion line, and some other professional opportunities, I’d say that from the outside, she seems to be doing all right.

The mother-daughter duo have been photographed all over New York City, as well as the outer burroughs, in recent months doing all the cutesy stuff that mommies and daughters do. While I’m not one for the whole “Stars! They’re just like us!” line of thought, Katie and her single offspring have been appearing mighty “normal” in the months following the highly publicized divorce. Katie may have procured quite the child support sum for her little girl, but Suri appears to running around barefoot in the park just like all the other over-privileged children of New York City.

However, the mother and daughter have had quite a few startlingly adorable outings together. Like Facebook “liked” a thousand times and Instagram-worthy kind of adorable. Like they seriously need to compile some of these paparazzi images into a scrapbook with frilly lace. They’ve been photographed everywhere from your fairly standard park visit to some impromptu doll shopping. And did I mention that they look darn adorable together?