Racist Monster Attacks Baby Because its Mother Was Wearing a Hijab

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We always hope the racist headlines will be for other places, but this week a woman was arrested and charged with a hate crime for assaulting two women and even a baby, just because the women were wearing hijab.

According to the New York Daily News, two Muslim women were pushing their babies in strollers along the street in Brooklyn on Thursday. They were just minding their own business, walking their babies, and wearing their hijab. Suddenly a 32-year-old Brooklyn woman named Emirjeta Xhelili allegedly ran at them in broad daylight. She allegedly screamed profanities at them and yelled at them to get out of America, while she punched them and tried to rip off their veils.

She even tried to flip over one of the strollers! Police say the Xhelili grabbed a stroller with a 15-month-old in it, and she tried to throw it over. Racist monsters are everywhere, but who attacks a baby?!

Xhelili was apprehended about half an hour after the assault, and she was even jeering at and taunting the women while police arrested her.

Police say that less than an hour before she assaulted the two mothers in the street, Xhelili was on Facebook posting racist garbage against black people and Muslims.

“From this moment on, every woman that waers (sic) the jihab/hijab will go to hell!! I cant stand you fucking hypocrites. You have been warned,” she posted recently

She is also apparently a vehement supporter of Donald Trump on Twitter, having recently posted: “America is the ark of Noah. Trump’s gonna win.”

This is deplorable. Assaulting a grown woman is bad enough, but who the hell is so racist they assault a baby? Fortunately, police say neither baby was seriously injured in the attack.