Frantic Bride Calls 911 To Report Stolen Wedding Dress And Dispatcher Saves The Day

This story can only be summed up in GIF form so sorry because I am all:


EeeeEEeEEEeEEE! OK so get this, a bride in Washington State called 911 in a total panic because some jerkface broke into her car and stole her wedding dress. Who does that to a bride? WHO? I mean, come on, it’s not like you can mistake a dry cleaning or garment bag for a bag of drugs or a laptop bag or a bag of money, it’s obvious when you steal a garment bag from a car it has clothing in it. Stupid criminal, stupid wedding ruining criminal. So the bride calls 911 obviously freaking out and the 911 operator takes down her information and and and!!!!

From Fox News:

”I finally figured out what was going on, and asked when the ceremony was scheduled,” Candice, who only wanted to give her first name, told The News Tribune. ”When she said ”˜today,’ my heart broke in two for her.”

When she got off the phone, Candice asked her supervisor if she could offer her dress, which she wore in her own wedding just 18 months prior, to the bride.

”All through the call I was thinking, ”˜I have a dress …’” she said.

With her supervisor’s approval, Candice got hold of the police officer who responded to the scene and texted the officer a picture of her dress to show the bride.

The bride said she believed it would fit her, so Candice and her husband went to her parents’ house, retrieved the dress, and dropped it off at the bride’s fiance’s home.

It was all:

And the bride wore the dress and it fit her and she texted the 911 operator to tell her thank you and her wedding went off without a hitch!

Do you love people? I love people. How awesome that the dress fit and that the operator offered and I NEED TO GO HUG MY CAT AND DANCE AROUND WITH HIM NOW.

(Image: Maryna Kulchytska/shutterstock)

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