This Poor Boy Had A Parasitic Twin Growing Inside His Stomach So Doctors Diagnosed Him ‘Pregnant’

article-2439498-1869506200000578-881_634x422GAHhhhhhHHHhhhHHHHhh! This poor little dude in Huaxi, China had to undergo an operation to “deliver” the parasitic twin that was growing inside of his belly because his stomach had become so distended he was suffering breathing difficulties. If I see one person on my Twitter feed complaining that their salad had too much dressing on it during lunch I’m gonna cut someone, I swear. According to The Daily Mail:

The parasitic twin would have developed into a boy and had grown so large that almost 2/3rds of his affected twin’s stomach was taken up.



[brightcove_vid playerid=”9″ flashvars=”videoId=2707685528001&,AAAAAFSL1bg~,CmS1EFtcMWELN_eSE9A7gpcGWF5XAVmI&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true”]


Gahhhhhh! I can’t even imagine how scary this was for this little guy and his parents. The Daily Mail links back to the video on a Chinese language website, so I have no updates on this story and I am having a difficult time finding links that don’t source the Daily Mail, so for all we know this could have happened a year ago. I will keep checking though, but let’s all take a moment and be grateful that none of us, that I am aware of!- are dealing with anything like this today. I hope the little guy had a fast recovery.

(Image: Yoku)

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