6 Totally Selfish And Not-So-Selfish Reasons I Cannot Homeschool My Kids

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I Enjoy Urinating And Showering Alone 



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I like having my house to myself, and one of the reasons why is because when my kids are at school, I can have some PRIVACY. Even though they are old enough to give me this, it doesn’t matter, because just the other day my teenage son knocked on the bathroom door when I was peeing to tell me:


If I was homeschooling them they would be here always and I would never, ever get two minutes to myself to get clean or change clothes.

 Parents Who Homeschool Are Very Patient 

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A lot of homeschooling parents tackle subjects my kids haven’t even started to learn in school yet, plus they make sure their kids are socialized which means scouting activities and sports programs and community service. PLUS, they take them on field trips. Just reading some of the blogs exhausts me. I just don’t know how they do it.

They Have To Deal With Non-Homeschooling Parents 

Check out this amazing list from a homeschooling mom and I can totally see where she’s coming from. Hell, this entire list breaks rule #17. As much as I admire and appreciate parents who homeschool, I just don’t think I’m cut out for it yet. I think it’s takes a special blend of organization, patience, and a true desire to teach your kids at home because you feel like home is where they can receive the best education possible. As much as I envy these parents, I truly think my kids are better off where they are. For now.

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