Adam Lanza Was Bullied So Badly At Sandy Hook That His Now Murdered Mom Considered Suing The School

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bullyingSome months after the Newtown tragedies, authorities are still piecing together why 20-year-old Adam Lanza took the lives of 27 people, including his own mother. But a peek into his own childhood reveals some very distressing experiences at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Ones that his own mother was reportedly “irate” with — and for good reason.

New York Daily News reports that Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, was very angry with Sandy Hook Elementary when her son attended the school as a boy. Adam was reportedly subjected to harsh bullying. So much so that Nancy was considering suing Sandy Hook for turning a “blind eye to beatings from his classmates.” And beatings there were, according to a family relative:

“Nancy felt fiercely protective of him,” the relative said. “She was convinced the school wasn’t doing enough to protect Adam. It made her irate…Adam would come home with bruises all over his body,” the relative said. “His mom would ask him what was wrong, and he wouldn’t say anything. He would just sit there…She was trying to get proof. She wanted to know where the bruises were coming from.”

Nancy moved her son to a new school after the sixth grade. But said relative maintains that something really negative really took hold of Adam during those formative years. From then on, he remained “a sick boy.” And then some, I’d say.

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