3 Back To School Conversations You’re Already Having With Annoying Moms

toddlers groupFor the seasoned back to school crowd, annoying run-ins with overzealous moms determined to compare class schedules isn’t anything new. But for those enrolling their young children in nursery school, pre-K, or even local scholastic groups, this autumn marks their first go round at the Parenting Olympics.

I received the following email today from a mother who has enrolled her son in the “Toddler Program” at her local nursery school. Fresh from orientation, here are her essential takeaways:

Please keep in mind that this is a program designed for 1-year-olds, and builds up to the 2s program next year.  Here are some of the conversations I had with other moms at the program:

Conversation 1:

  • Stay-at-home Mom (wearing a leather shirt):  You are in the Monday/Wednesday session?  We are in the Tuesday and Thursday class.  Tuesday/Thursday was the first class that opened up, and they added your class later.  I guess all the over-achievers are in our class!
  • Me:  Yes.  Clearly.  You are the overachiever here.

Conversation 2:

  • Stay at home mom (with nanny in tow), who has her 26-month-old in the 1-year old program: Your son is 13 months?  At 13 months we were focused on cortex development.  Maybe you should consider that.
  • Me:  We considered that, but then decided to skip cortex development.

Conversation 3:

  • Stay-at-home mom with 24-month-old:  I am worried your son is in this class.  I want kids in this class who will push my daughter
  • Me:  Why isn’t she in the 2-year-old class with other kids her age then?
  • Mom:  (silent)

She adds:

Long story short, I am becoming increasingly happy to be working because, otherwise, I would have to hang out with these people!

That and keep up on your various cortex development small talk.

(photo: TedsBlog)

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