8 Unappetizing Looking Kiddie Birthday Cakes

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Fancy, professionally-made birthday cakes for kids don’t exactly ensure the yummy. But then again, your own DIY skills don’t either. Here are some kiddie birthday cakes, ranging from elaborate to touched by mortal hands that don’t exactly water the mouth  — even if that mouth belongs to a 6-year-old obsessed with vomit.

1. Just So Much Happening Cake

jungle cake

Something about tiger print plus leopard just doesn’t engender a yummy flavor.

(Photo:  Little Sugar Bake Shop)

2. Barf Cake


(Photo:  jmcdaid)

3. Stick Cake?


(Photo: yourladyness)

4. Pumpkin Cake


(Photo:  paige lanell)

5. White Icing Plus Strawberries Equals No Good Cake

thomas crazy cake

(Photo:  starstreak007)

6. ‘The Land Before Time’ Cake


The cake is vomiting up more cake.

(Photo:  M N H)

7. Chocolate Gingerbread Man Cake?

4756593936_4fa030d57b (1)

Gum drops OR sprinkles. Pick one.

(Photo:  Gemmy Button)

8. Alien Cake


Major points for creativity though.

(Photo: Squiggle)