20 Enviable Kiddie Birthday Cakes

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Kids’ birthday cakes seem to have come a loooooong way since I was a wee munchkin. While I had homemade angel food that my loving grandmother made for me every year (with simple frosting), some kids nowadays have even a step beyond the store bought sheet cake with their name and a few Disney princesses. Parents who are willing to pay top dollar to outsource the big b-day cake (or put their own pastry chef skills to use) can have an entire cast of carefully crafted characters along with fairly elaborate landscapes and various little accessories. Make sure you’re Pinterest ready.

1. Winnie The Poo cake

winnie the pool cake

And the devil is in the details:

winnie the pool sign

(photo: Strawberry Lane Cake Company)

2. Peppa Piggy cake

piggy cake

(photo: Strawberry Lane Cake Company)

3. Teddy Tea Party cake

teddy bear cake

(photo: Strawberry Lane Cake Company)

4. Three Little Piggies Cake for siblings

3 little piggy cake

(photo: JaneBK)

5. Race Track cake

race track cake

(photo: nettys cakes and catering shropshire)

6. Sheep cake

sheep cake

(photo: lesleyjoyce)

7. Dora The Explorer cake

Dora cake

(photo: It’s All About the Cake)

8. Lego cake

lego cake

(photo: .Tango.)

9. School-themed cake

school cake

(photo: Birthday Cakes 4 Free)

10. Over The Top Castle cake

castle cake

(photo: Ta Dah Cakes)

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