18 Ways Princess Diana Shook Up The Royal House

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That handshake

Image: Pinterest/glamour.com

It’s hard to imagine now, but back in the 80’s many people believed that HIV/AIDS could be transmitted through any skin to skin contact. That meant that people infected with the disease were treated very poorly, often like lepers, even children. This was despite the fact that scientists had proven it wasn’t a virus that transmitted so casually. The belief was so pervasive Insider says, “ In 1985, the Los Angeles Times conducted a poll and found that 50% of respondents favored quarantining people with AIDS.” Diana didn’t put stock in this superstition. She held a HIV positive child in 1991, and in 1987 had her photo taken shaking a patient’s hand. Why was that a big deal? She did it without gloves, teaching people all over the world not to let fear and misunderstanding stand in the way of compassion.

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