People Have a Lot of Opinions About How to Eat Hot Dogs

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So, hot dogs are apparently a very complicated matter! I mean, I enjoy a dog every now and again. My kids love them, but like most kids, they’ll eat one and then wait an insane amount of time before eating it again. Why are they like that, anyway? Twitter user @miel asked a very simple question on the social media platform: why aren’t hot dogs packaged individually? And man alive, the responses rolled in, LOL. Hot dogs are very serious business, and people have some very serious opinions about them.

It was a very simple question about hot dogs. I don’t think anyone expected this response.

OK, so it was several very simple questions. But all good questions! You can either buy them in 8 or like 200, it’s sort of insane.

I like this guy’s style. You can do it!

It’s not a meal, it’s a lifestyle.

I feel like I should be offended by this, as someone who enjoys a nice dog every now and then. But he’s pretty much right.


Kids are like little tiny garbage disposals. And once they find a food they like, you better be prepared to make it for every single meal.

See, now this is a solution to a world problem! But also this is more work that I am willing to do. They come in a resealable pouch, opening that is enough.

…oh my god. I … need to make this immediately.

You guys, there were literally 280 replies to the original tweet. All suggestions on how to eat, serve, store, and purchase hot dogs. This is an issue we’ve all faced at some point in our lives! But finally, someone decided to go straight to an expert, and asked Antoni from Queer Eye for his opinion.

I will update when Antoni responds with his wisdom. Which will probably include lobster and the use of a Thermador.

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