Princess Diana Really Wanted A Baby Girl, Makes Me Briefly Revisit My Princess Disappointment

princess dianaYou weren’t alone in your 10-second disappointment that Prince George was not a Princess Georgina. The Mommyish team and I had about a split second of pink woes before realizing important stuff (like not giving a snack pack about Kate Middleton‘s “mummy tummy”) and properly hooray-hooraying for the new princeling. But long before Princess Diana was being wielded as a talking point for sanctimommy car seat moms, she was pining for a little girl as well. Cue my princess disappointment, round two.

According to Us Weekly, Vanity Fair has done some investigating into Princess Diana’s once upon a time relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. In addition to her hopes of marrying Hasnat, she also wanted to have another baby, specifically a girl:

“This is all true,” former Palace chef Darren Grady tells Us Weekly of the story. “I was there when she was considering it.”

As previously reported, Diana (who passed away nearly 16 years ago at 36 in a car crash) was “madly in love” with Khan and visited Pakistan at least twice on charity missions, where she secretly met with his family to discuss the possibility of marriage.

The story goes on to report that the divorced mother of two sons — William and Harry, with ex-husband Prince Charles — confided in two friends that she wanted to have a daughter with Khan. The “People’s Princess” also secretly investigated someone who might possibly wed the pair.

Princess Di’s boyfriend was reportedly not on board with her plans to make us a semi-princess, saying that he was “horrified.” Upon being interviewed by the cops after Princess Diana died, Hasnat said:

“I thought it was a ridiculous idea . . . [I] told her that the only way I could see us having a vaguely normal life together would be if we went to Pakistan, as the press don’t bother you there.”

So what did Princess Diana do when her boyfriend refused to both a). marry her and b). make a baby with her? Well she moved right along to Dodi Al Fayed, a “billionaire playboy” who, according to Rosa Monckton, she was only dating to “make Hasnat jealous.” I just LOVE princess drama, don’t you?

Sadly, Dodi was with Princess Diana when she died in that now infamous 1997 car crash in Paris.

(photo: WENN)

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