18 Ways Princess Diana Shook Up The Royal House

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princess diana

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Just her name brings back memories of a different time; for Europeans, for Americans, and we can assume for her sons, too. Princess Diana. She was a truly unique lady who married into a House that built itself on tradition and staying the course. However, Diana was not a ‘let it lie’ kind of girl. No, not at all. In fact, she admitted to having a confrontation with her husband’s mistress because she couldn’t just accept what was. She was the same way when she dealt with unfairness in the world. Children dying from landmines? She had to do something. A taboo about people infected with AIDS? Let them photograph her embracing those people.

Diana did a lot of things that broke the mold. And, despite her picture-perfect persona, she was a woman made of many contradictions. She was broken, lonely, and terribly self-conscious for a time. Diana was a princess and a woman who purged her pain alone in bathrooms. She railed against her husband for his infidelities but had a string of her own. This tragic figure was a loving, dedicated mother but those same infidelities and self-destructive behaviors inevitably hurt and confused her children. When she couldn’t put herself back together, she did what she could to heal the fissures in others.

For all the struggles Diana had, for all the mistakes she did or did not make, one thing is indisputable. She made room for a new version of princess, something divergent from the obedient helpmates from before. She made way for Catherine and Meghan, her sons’ wives and equals.

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