Some Of The Most Romantic Things Prince Harry Has Ever Said About Meghan Markle

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Whether they have a boy or a girl, Harry is going to be a great dad. But Harry seems to hope it goes a certain way!

Look, not many parents will come right out and admit that they prefer to have a boy or a girl. Yes, we all want healthy babies. Yes, we’ll be fine either way. But come on now – whether you admit it or not, you probably have a preference! Harry sure seems to, and we think it’d adorable that he says so. During their Australian trip, a fan called out to Harry and Meghan that they hope the baby is a girl. And Harry replied excitedly, “So do I!” Maybe Harry is so enamored of Meghan that she hopes to have a daughter who’s as amazing as she is. Or maybe he’s just more comfortable with the idea of raising a daughter the first go-round. Either way, we love how excited he is, and how open he is about sharing his excitement!

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