Fifty Shades Of Grey Word Search Handed Out To Middle School Students – Oops!

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The long-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey movie is premiering tomorrow, and people are getting excited. One Pennsylvania teacher may have had his/her mind wrapped so far around all things Fifty, that they thought giving a word search based on the movie was a great way to exercise the brain power of a class full of middle school students. At least five students in the eighth grade class were given the word search. 

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 got a copy of the word search, but they blacked out all the good words. Damn! From what I can see that’s left, there’s words like paddling, handcuffs, obedience, bondage and Blackberry. Blackberry? Like the phone? Do they make those anymore?

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You guessed it — parents are pissed.

“Appalling. I just can’t imagine an educator putting that in front of an eight grader ever,” said one parent at the school board meeting where the puzzle was addressed.  A few parents showed up wanting answers. The school board president replied, “This is a personnel and student matter. It’s being investigated by the district and the school board. We don’t have the right to speak about that in public but we are looking into it. As a parent I can understand your concern.”

I can’t understand how this happened, either. Did the teacher not read the thing before he/she passed it out? Did a hilarious tween slip a stack of these into the teacher’s assignment book? Parents want answers! Yes, I’m making light of the situation, but these are eighth graders. While I agree that it’s completely ridiculous that these were handed out and that they even exist, this is not really that big of a deal.

I think everyone just needs to relax a little, toss out the tainted word searches, and move on. Ooh! I found entrepreneur, vocation, and spanking. I love these things!

UPDATE: One of our awesome readers posted a shot to the actual puzzle without the blocked out words. The list includes: genital clamps, butt plugs, semen, manacles, and spreader bar. What is a manacle? In the time of Google, this is actually a really bad misstep, although still arguably hilarious. The fact that kids can take to a computer and type these words in for answers is a bit troubling. So I’m on team outraged parents now.

(photo: WTAE)