Meet The Newest Members Of The Canned Wine Family

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cupcake vineyards canned wine

Image: Cupcake Vineyards

As the weather finally starts to warm up and the days get longer, we start to dream of days and evenings spent outside. It’s been a long, cold winter, and we are ready to get out of the house and start living our best sun-drenched lives! When it comes to picnics in the park or block parties with friends, we always like to have some adult beverages on hand. Wine is always a crowd pleaser, right? But logistically, it can be a bit annoying. You need glasses and corkscrews, and unless you roll with a box, there’s the issue of protecting your glass bottles! But since canned wine hit the scene, all those problems have faded away. We love us some canned adult beverages, and we couldn’t be more excited that our fav winemaker is getting in on the action. Say hello to Cupcake Vineyards canned wine.

We adore Cupcake Vineyards bottled wines. And we have a feeling we’re going to love Cupcake Vineyards canned wine, too.

Cupcake Vineyards has been keeping our wine glasses full since 2008. In fact, their Prosecco and Red Velvet red wine are staples in our home. But we’d be lying if we said we haven’t been jonesing for our fav wine to go. Luckily, Cupcake heard our imaginary prayers and came through. In honor of the 5th year of being the official wine sponsor for the Coachella Music Festival, the wine makers are releasing two varieties of canned wine: a Sauvignon Blanc and a Rosé. Because honestly, canned wine and music festivals go together like peanut butter and jelly. You want something to sip on while jamming to your favorite musical acts. But no one wants to be jostled and end up with wine hands and pants, right?

The Cupcake Vineyards canned wine varieties sound absolutely delightful, and perfect for spring and summer.

According to Cupcake, the Sauvignon Blanc is vibrant and crisp, made using grapes from the South Island of New Zealand. It has “Flavors of Meyer lemon, white nectarine and key lime integrate[d] with subtle hints of grapefruit, gooseberry and citrus”, and wow we need that one. The Rosé comes from vineyards along California’s coastline, and has “flavors of watermelon, strawberry and white nectarine [that] lead to a silky texture and a refreshing finish”. They both sound like absolutely perfect wines for spring and summer (and fall and winter, who are we kidding!). Each can holds 375mL, which is roughly the equivalent of half a bottle of wine or about 2 1/2 glasses. They retail for $5.99 each, and hit stores on April 1. So next time you’re out doing a little wine shopping, make sure to pick some up!

The Cupcake Vineyards canned wine hit at the perfect time, and we are so excited to pop these babies in the cooler for Sunday Fundays!

Image: Cupcake Vineyards