Mule 2.0 Is a Moscow Mule in a Convenient Can, So You Can Get Your Mule on Anywhere You Go

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Well, is this isn’t the neatest little thing! If you’re a fan of Moscow Mules, but not so much a fan of actually making them, have I got good news for you. You can get the refreshing vodka cocktail in an easy-to-carry-around can! Allow me to introduce you to the Mule 2.0. Get excited. I know I am!

Mule 2.0 is making sipping a refreshing Moscow Mule even easier. No need for those copper mugs, guys. Even though they’re really cute.

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Canned cocktails and wine are becoming a pretty major thing. I’ve seen canned Bloody Mary’s, canned red and white wine, even canned gin and tonics. One of my favorite things IN THE WORLD are these tiny Simpler Wine canned sparkling wines from Trader Joe’s. So a canned mule was the next logical step!

A Moscow Mule consists of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. There are many iterations (like Southern Mules that use bourbon, for example), but the Mule 2.0 is OG.

The pre-mixed cocktail packs quite the punch too, with a ABV of 8%. They’re gluten-free and delicious, so obviously you need them. Plus, you can fancy them up to make a bunch of different combo cocktails. According to their website, you can “Combine Mule 2.0 with your favorite Irish Whiskey to make an Irish Mule, with Bourbon to make a Kentucky Mule, with Gin to make a London Mule, and with Tequila to make a Mexican Mule. Or you can add your favorite vodka to it to make it a slightly stronger Moscow Mule. Have a Mule party!”

OK! Yes to all of those things! More mules for everyone!!

These adorable little cans of Moscow Mule are sold nationwide, but you can use their handy Locator to find them closest to you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am currently on the hunt for a 4-pack for myself and a few friends. OK, maybe just for myself. Mother’s Day is this weekend, after all.

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