‘Pregnant Husband’ Tumblr Proves That Some Stereotypes Are Right On

N5n9wIZ copyI usually can’t think of anything less funny than un-pregnant people making jokes about pregnancy. Especially now, when I am 37 weeks pregnant. That is how I know this Pregnant Husband Tumblr site is really funny. It had me laughing out loud.

The site addresses some stereotypes that although I hate to admit it – are true. They are for me anyway. I am grumpier than usual. I’m exhausted. I’m definitely craving ice cream. My husband is getting on my nerves more than he ever does – and don’t even get me started on my mother. It’s a wonder she’s even alive right now.

The Moods. All of a sudden everything everyone says and does is pissing me off. I usually have a pretty thick skin, so this is definitely new to me. There seems to be a passive-aggressive undertone to everything that everyone ever says to me. There is no way that everyone in my life is secretly planning to destroy my joy by making underhanded comments all day. This is how I know it’s definitely me – not them.

The Exhaustion. Everyone knows that the first trimester of pregnancy is filled with naps and inexplicable feelings of total fatigue. Well, it’s coming around again. I’m nine months now and frankly, I can barely keep my eyes open. Standing up for any extended period of time is like climbing Mt. Everest. All I do is fantasize about sleep. My toddler isn’t cooperating. I can’t believe there is a newborn on the horizon. Holy shit.

The Cravings. Yes, I need ice cream. And yes, I am using the word “need.” I didn’t crave anything sweet with my first child, but this little parasite wants Kit Kats. I have a friend who just quit smoking after devouring Marlboros for 15 years. I don’t think even his nicotine cravings could compare to the insatiable need that only Haagen Daaz seems able to fill.

Being able to admit all of this has opened me up to enjoy things like this Tumblr site. Dad is pretty funny. Even if you are hungry, grumpy and tired like me I think you will enjoy it. He managed to capture my sprit animal in one of his GIFs. It is a fluffy, white kitten knocking things off of a table. Her “words” describe my state perfectly right now:

Fuck this.

Fuck that.

Fuck those too.

Fuck all these.

Fuck everything in particular. 

Yup. That about sums it up. The last few weeks of pregnancy is pure joy.

(photo: Tumblr)

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