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10 Celebratory Potty Training Cakes That Are Disturbing And Awesome

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Potty training. I know there are tons of parents out there who claim it happens magically in three days. All you have to do is strip your child naked. Or take away their diapers. Or tell them they will henceforth be using the toilet. Or explain that only babies go pee-pee in their diapers. Or (insert whatever crock of BS someone who has a child that is ready to potty train will tell you here).

I stumbled upon this celebratory potty cake trend – and believe me, I get it. You are thrilled you’re done changing diapers and everyone loves cake, so why not? The only reason I can think of to poo-poo this trend (see what I did there?) is that cutting into a toilet or a fabricated piece of poop is f*&cking disgusting.


1. The “Hershey Kisses Are An Obvious Choice” Potty Cake


Pinterest/ Amanda Comer

Um, yeah. Thanks for ruining Hershey’s Kisses for us forever.

2. The “This Is Going Too Far” Potty Cake


Pinterest/ Amanda Cross

Aw, how cute! Little yellow urine sprinkles and what looks to be hot dogs. Would you like some toilet seat, urine or poop honey? It’s your day!

3. The “We’re Too Rich To Eat Poo” Potty Cake



Bax’s parents are rich, as evidenced by the super fancy fondant cake for the potty party. Either that, or Bax’s mom is a pastry chef. Either way, nothing says “you did it!” like a fondant undie cake.

4. The “There’s Seriously An Edible Photo Of A Toilet On This Cake” Cake


I’ve always found edible photos on cakes to be kind of a bummer. This cake is not convincing me otherwise.

5. The “Timing Is Everything” Potty Cake


I’m not sure if this is a typo or a half-assed edible reminder. Wait to go!

6. The “So What If It’s A Mess, It’s A Toilet” Potty Cake


Pinterest/ Carrie Kakac

This is my personal favorite, simply because it looks like something I could execute. I appreciate that there’s no simulated poo floating in it – and I love her laissez-faire attitude about the frosting all over the plate. This cake is a f*&king disaster.

7. The “Good Job, Here’s A Giant Piece Of Sh*t” Potty Cake


I don’t think you could even convince a child to eat a piece of this monstrosity. Oh my god.

8. The “What Are You Feeding This Kid?” Potty Cake


Pinterest/ Busy Hands Blessed Hearts

Yellow jello with brown sprinkles. That’s how this was done. I just threw up in my mouth.

9. The “Potty Cupcake-stravaganza” 



I think I can execute these. What is it – a split marshmallow with an Entenmann’s mini donut shoved on it? I smell a fail photo coming…

10. These Aren’t Cakes But I Had To Include Them


Flickr/ Lindsay Agee

I’ve never seen a pile of shit, underwear, and a roll of toilet paper presented in such an exquisitely appetizing way. Good job.