In Case You’re In The Market For One,You Can Buy A Positive Pregnancy Test On Craigslist

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shutterstock_148981940__1377956756_142.196.167.223A girl in Buffalo took to Craigslist to sell her positive pregnancy test, and now we’re calling this a “trend.” This isn’t a trend, people. This is a couple of women taking the entrepreneurial spirit a little too far and a few media outlets picking up on it.

The girl claims that she had “been asked numerous times for a positive test” so she decided to get paid for it. I totally understand. When my friends were constantly asking me to use my fine art background to take photos of their kids, I started my own company. It’s sort of the same thing – without the bodily fluids.

A New Jersey woman saw the ad and decided she would make a go of it, too. “The lady in Buffalo New York was selling these, so I figured I would too.” In the immortal words of my grandmother, if everyone else jumps off a bridge, would you? I love those words of wisdom.

The Daily Dot is troubled that “the sellers assure they won’t ask questions and don’t care what the tests are being used for.” Ha. The newest domestic danger – positive pregnancy tests. If you see something, say something.

I wasted a considerable chunk of my morning perusing random cities on Craigslist to see if I could find an ad for one of these things. I got nothing. This isn’t a trend, people. Let’s nip it in the bud before the Men’s Rights Advocates get a hold of the story, and we are left reading a laundry list of comments like this one, left on the Daily Dot story:

I would be surprised if more people hadn’t heard of this.  It is a common scheme.  Woman shows her boyfriend the positive test then says she needs $500 to go get an abortion — the guy is almost always MORE than willing to cough up the dough — easy $500.

Yes, it’s a common scheme. I’m really bummed I never got the memo.

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