Alexa Is Out Here Just Trying to Teach Your Kids Basic Manners

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Watching kids try to get Alexa to do their bidding is equal parts hilarious and horrifying. They’re basically growing up with robots, guys. And while the convenience (and yes, entertainment) of listening to kids ask Alexa if the moon is made of cheese is great, some kids can get a little aggressive with the Echo. Just barking out orders, yelling at her, that kind of thing. Well, no more of that, kiddos! Amazon has just rolled out some amazing new Echo updates, and I’m sure Alexa appreciates them very much.

Alexa certainly makes life easier for plenty of people. And now, she’s going to try to improve kids’ manners, too.


Image: Amazon

The new Amazon updates come with something called “FreeTime on Alexa”. This update puts in place a whole bunch of kid-friendly features that parents will love. Parents will be able to set limits on how much kids use the device. They’ll also be able to limit her during certain times, like dinner or homework. Skills that parents don’t want their kids to have access to can be turned off now, too. You can block music with explicit lyrics and delay purchases on Amazon (parents will have to approve the purchase first). There’s even an activity log, which will give parents access to recordings of what their kids ask Alexa to do.

But the best part of the new update? Alexa is going to teach your kids some etiquette. If a kid asks her to do something and they don’t say “please”, she will respond with, “What’s the magic word?” BRILLIANT.

There are a bunch of other new features, like an Educational Q&A where kids can ask her about subjects like math and science. FreeTime also allows for household communication, so if you have more than one device, you can make announcements in other rooms of the home. There’s even an “Alexa Speaks ‘Kid'” function, where kids can tell her they’re bored and she’ll respond with some kid-friendly entertainment like knock-knock jokes and songs.

Amazon has also released an Echo Dot for Kids, which has a hard outer case. The kids Echo comes with a 2-year guarantee and a free one-year subscription to FreeTime. All that plus it’ll teach your kid manners? Thanks, Alexa!

(Image: Amazon)