Pit Bulls Who Maul Children Deserve To Die, No Questions Asked

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pit-bull-mauls-girlA 7-year-old girl was mauled by a neighbor’s dog in February, while playing in the yard between their homes. The dog’s owner didn’t latch the garage door to the back yard, and the dog got out and rushed the child – unprovoked. Her mother arrived at the hospital to see her daughter’s leg torn apart and the girl is so traumatized by the event that she refuses to go outside. The dog’s owner, Stan Butrym, is fighting to keep the dog from being euthanized. Nope. Dogs who maul children deserve to die.

The girl’s mother, Jessica Nygra, filed a dangerous dog lawsuit and started a petition signed by dozens of their neighbors. City officials agreed the dog should be euthanized. I don’t fault an owner for loving his dog and trying to spare him death. But when your unprovoked animal mauls a child, maybe it’s time to consider the fact that he may be a danger to the public.

Butrym claims to be sympathetic: “No one wants this on their conscience of a little girl getting hurt. I feel bad for it, the family knows I feel bad for it, but Gus doesn’t need the death penalty because of my mistake.” Neighbors agree the dog is dangerous – and even report seeing him attack his owner. He has agreed to have the dog rehomed, and of course has started a Facebook support page to save the dog’s life. Sorry – if my child had been through the horror that Nygra’s had, I would fight to make sure no other family had to experience that either. I don’t care that this guy “feels bad.” He doesn’t feel bad enough to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Of course the girl’s mother is being attacked for wanting the dog dead, because pit bull owners armed with nothing but personal anecdotes about how sweet their own pet is consistently take events like this personally and fight for a species that has proven time and time again to be dangerous and unpredictable. Fighting with a pit bull owner that can’t decipher between their own trained, lovable dog and one that would practically maul the leg off of a child is pointless.

I found this comment on a story – from the girl’s mother – defending her child against the usual, vitriolic attacks from pit bull owners:


Stop blaming innocent children for being attacked. Stop insisting that it’s “the media” making this all up. Yes, other species of dogs attack children. But when it comes to dog bite fatalities pit bulls are way in the lead. In 2013, pit bulls were responsible for 78 percent of all dog bite fatalities, up from 60 percent between years 2005 and 2012. This is not a myth. This is not a witch hunt. These dogs can be dangerous. The ones that prove they are by attacking people unprovoked need to die.

If you find yourself blaming a child for being attacked by a vicious dog – congratulations. You’re an asshole.

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